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Universal Cleaners, LLC’s skilled professionals have extensive expertise in all janitorial disciplines. They have mastered the ability to service our client’s needs.

Universal Cleaners, LLC makes all of our professionals available to you, our client. With hundreds of years of combined experience, these professionals work in unison to accomplish a variety of tasks on a daily and nightly basis. Universal Cleaners, LLC work is widely recognized by the market as superior.

At Universal Cleaners, LLC excellence begins and ends with the management team. Each team member brings a unique skill set as well as a level of experience in their area of expertise that is without parallel.

The President of Universal Cleaners, LLC is Eugene F. LaFave Jr. Mr. LaFave brings an impressive educational background to the table. Mr. LaFave earned his Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in finance from Oakland University. Mr. LaFave earned Cum Laude honors. Mr. LaFave also focused his studies on human resources as well as productions and operations management. In both of these areas he excelled. Oakland University is known for its fine human resources and productions and operations management programs. Mr. LaFave is also very well educated in accounting procedures and practices.

In addition to his educational achievements, Mr. LaFave also possesses a broad background at a very practical level. Mr. LaFave has managerial experience that spans more than 10 years and several different industries. Mr. LaFave implements and oversees many of the processes that are used in Universal Cleaners, LLC. Mr. LaFave is also the head of the human resources department. As the head of the human resources department, Eugene F. LaFave Jr. has ensured that the practices Universal Cleaners, LLC strictly adheres to are the gold-standard of the industry. Mr. LaFave believes in performance based compensation and rewards employees with better pay than any other cleaning contractor in the region. When asked about his human resources philosophy Mr. LaFave responded “An honest day’s work deserves to be rewarded with an honest day’s pay.”

The next member of the Universal Cleaners, LLC management team is Keith Conway. Mr. Conway has numerous experiences and has directly overseen thousands of employees in his career. Mr. Conway not only oversees all of Universal Cleaners, LLC’s operations, he is responsible for customer service and compliance. It is in the customer service area that he truly shines. This is demonstrated by the raving customers that Universal Cleaners, LLC serves on a nightly basis.

When the CEO of a large corporation was asked about Mr. Conway and his ability to perform in a work capacity, his response was simple. “I would trust Keith with my family.” Trust is yet another cornerstone at Universal Cleaners, LLC and Mr. Conway embodies this and ensures that we earn your trust.

Universal Cleaners, LLC has an extensive support staff. The support staff ranges from clerical workers to HVAC technicians and plumbers. In between there are landscape workers, and maintenance technicians. This ensures that Universal Cleaners, LLC will never be short handed or unable to provide our clients with the best service. Universal Cleaners, LLC employs a clerical staff that possesses an unwavering attention to detail. You can rest assured as a client that your place of work is in the best possible hands.

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