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The Universal Cleaners LLC management team

Company History

Universal Cleaners, LLC has been exceeding customers’ expectations since 2007. It was discovered that a true blend of quality, value, and owner involvement didn’t exist in a full service commercial janitorial company in the Northern Michigan region. That hunch proved to be correct. In many cases we pick up where other companies leave off.

Over the years, adhering to these core principles has fueled our success. The most compelling evidence of this has been the tremendous growth rate that we have experienced in the past. Our customers recommend us without hesitation. Throughout this growth, our customers still acknowledge that our level of service is the same as it was when they became our valued client. 

We have also added services that we offer our clients. In all areas of service, we are leaders in expertise and quality. We have specialists in each area who are the best at their particular trade. Our clients are free to select from a wide variety of services with the expectation of an unrelenting attention to detail. 

The other item that has remained unchanged through the years is the involvement of our ownership and management team on a daily and nightly basis. While other companies say that their ownership and management are on-site regularly, we are the only large-scale company where that is actually a reality. We can personally guarantee that we are highly involved, and thus have an excellent grasp on YOUR place of work.

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